2019 Global RPA Survey

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Taking RPA to the Next Level

Companies across all industries are pumping resources into robotic process automation (RPA). In as little as two years, RPA leaders — those companies we’ve identified as already ahead of the curve — will be using bots in virtually every function within their organizations.

To help executives make the most of this fast-growing technology, Protiviti partnered with ESI ThoughtLab to survey 450 companies across various regions, industries and sizes to understand the differences between the practices of RPA leaders and organizations that are less advanced. Our research highlights the most effective best practices and powerful lessons learned from those adopting RPA.

Key survey findings:

  • RPA leaders are using RPA for much more than cost savings. Increased productivity, higher quality and stronger competitive market position are the top three benefits reported by companies.
  • Overall, RPA leaders are spending five to 10 times as much on RPA as other companies.
  • RPA leaders consider a wide range of benefits in their RPA business cases, from improving productivity and employee engagement to accelerating time to market and generating revenue.
  • Most leaders centralize their RPA professionals in departments or centers of excellence to help RPA scale across the enterprise. []

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