Q2 2022 Initial Public Offering Trends: 2022 Slowdown Continues

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Derryck Coleman, Audit Analytics

There were 46 initial public offerings (IPOs) during Q2 that raised a combined $5.3 billion. This was the fewest IPOs since Q1 2020 (38) and the smallest amount raised since Q1 2016 ($2.9 billion). Both traditional and SPAC IPOs contributed to the decline. The number of traditional IPOs (including direct listings) declined by 75% from Q2 2021. And the number of SPAC IPOs declined by 79%. Based on the amount raised, traditional IPOs fell by 95% and SPAC IPOs fell by 84%.

In this article, Audit Analytics examines the continuous decrease in the number and size of IPOs during the second quarter of 2022.

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