SOX Compliance: Faster Automation, Fewer Controls and How to Get There

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Screenshot of the first page of SOX Compliance Faster Automation Fewer Controls and How to Get There
Eric Groen, Protiviti Managing Director, and Cassie Putnam, Protiviti Director

In previous articles, we’ve highlighted discussions from a recently conducted webinar focused on the results of Protiviti’s 2019 Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) survey. The webinar generated several questions from participants both during and after the live presentation. As those questions continue to crop up in our conversations with clients, we’d like to address two of them in this article: "Why aren’t we seeing robotic process automation (RPA) and automation in general advancing more quickly in the SOX compliance environment?’’ and ‘‘What are some recommendations for companies to rationalize/reduce their total number of controls?’’

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