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Finance Trends: RPA Paves the Way for Process Improvement

This article explores the broader benefits, challenges and opportunities of robotic process automation (RPA), focusing s...
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Is Your Competitive Intelligence Providing Early Warning?

In this issue of Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight, we look at why companies should use competitive intelligence as an ...
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Accrued Liabilities Policy

This tool contains two sample policies that establish processes where the accrual processes ensure that all expenses rel...
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Developing Budgets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This benchmarking tool contains two examples that focus on cost-based, quality-based and timed-based performance measure...
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Control Rationalization and Cost-Effectiveness Questionnaire

This tool highlights questions to consider when implementing and measuring an organization’s cost-effectiveness and cont...
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Back-Office Process Optimization Report

This document contains two sample audit reports that can be used by auditors to learn how other organizations performed ...
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Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire

This tool contains three sample internal audit risk assessment questionnaires that provide questions organizations can u...
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Audit Committee Report — Internal Audit Plan

This tool contains three sample audit reports that can be used by auditors to evaluate and improve the internal audit pl...
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Project Management Office (PMO) Strength Questionnaire

This tool provides cost-effective project management questions to consider for examining and enhancing an organization’s...
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Opportunity Cost Risk Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This benchmarking tool outlines the business risks of opportunity cost and shares the root causes and performance measur...
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Chart of Accounts Policy

The three sample policies included in this tool establish standards for governing the handling of all of an organization...
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Hotel Site Audit Training Material Guide

This guide illustrates how to conduct a hotel site audit.
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Financial Transformation Report: Lean Consolidation

This sample report discusses how to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's financial cons...
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Cost Estimation Audit Work Program

This audit program sample covers several cost estimation areas, including bids, labor/material cost, engineering, other ...
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Budgeting Leading Practices

This tool provides a systematic process and the best-practice elements for managing an organization’s budgeting function...
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Treasury Operations Scoping Memo

The purpose of this sample memo is to outline the scope, objectives, planned work and general timing of a treasury opera...

Strategic Forecasting Guide

This guide discusses market drivers of forecasting, annual budgeting vs. rolling forecasts, integrated business planning...
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Internal Controls Self-Assessment Report

This sample audit report can be used by auditors to assess and improve an organization’s internal controls.
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Cost Accounting Module 4: Standard Costing (KLplus CPE Course)

This basic-level online tutorial covers standard costs and how they are used by management to control operations.​

Cost Accounting Module 5: Flexible Budgets and Overhead Analysis (KLplus CPE Course)

This basic-level online tutorial covers flexible budgets and overhead analysis and how they are used by management to co...

Budgeting Process Audit Work Program

The purpose of this sample audit program is to evaluate the overall process for planning and completing budgeting, to de...
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Accounts Receivable Reserves Policy

This policy outlines steps for developing an accounts receivable reserve account for bad debts, returns and allowances, ...
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Internal Use of Inventory Policy

This sample policy establishes guidelines for the purchase of a company's products (including sales force units, in...
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