Back-Office Process Optimization Report

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Back-Office Process Optimization Report

This document contains two sample audit reports that can be used by auditors to learn how other organizations performed a back-office process optimization audit.

Testing involved activities such as implementing a purchase order system, centralizing accounts payable, increasing the usage of electronic payments, outsourcing check printing and mailing, outsourcing accounts payable processing, centralizing payroll processing, standardizing commissions calculation, outsourcing payroll, centralizing credit processing, standardizing and automating credit processes, centralizing invoice processing, outsourcing invoice printing/mailing, and centralizing cash receipts processing.

The following recommendations were noted as a result of the review:

  • Eliminate duplications between operating units.
  • Reduce/relocate physical locations and improve productivity.
  • Distribute the workload throughout the month.
  • Centralize high-volume transaction processing.

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