Business Partner Royalty Audit Report

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Screenshot of the first page of Business Partner Royalty Audit Report

This sample audit report can be used by a company to ensure that its partner company is in compliance with the contractual obligations of a business partner agreement, to evaluate the protection of the business partner’s intellectual property, to identify areas to improve processes/controls and royalties owed to the business partner, and to address specific risks/issues that are related. It also includes a review of company compliance with employee training policies.

The following are key observations noted during the review:

  • Company X was offsetting amounts owed by Company Y for subcontracting work.
  • Non-Company X employees enrolled in Company Y training courses.
  • Company X performed work outside its designated territory.
  • Company X has not submitted an annual plan to Company Y.
  • Invoice register could not be reconciled to audited financial statements.
  • Company X’s royalty tracking process and documentation could be improved.

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