Audit Planning

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Audit Programs

Payroll/Human Resources Audit Work Program

The two sample work programs included in this audit tool aim to identify and mitigate compliance risks, improve complian...
Mon, Jun 19, 2023
Audit Programs

Project Management Office (PMO) Audit Work Program

This work program includes two samples designed to help organizations understand the PMO audit process and build an audi...
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Mon, May 1, 2023
Audit Programs

Executive Compensation Audit Work Program

These sample work programs provide general steps and questions organizations can use during an executive compensation au...
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Mon, Feb 20, 2023
Audit Reports

Annual Internal Audit Plan Report

This tool includes three sample audit reports that outline the approach employed by internal audit to develop an audit p...
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Tue, Jan 17, 2023
Internal Audit CPE Courses

The Next Generation Internal Audit Journey - High-Impact Reporting (KLplus CPE Course)

In this course, we will follow a principle-based approach to address the roadblocks in achieving high-impact reporting a...
Mon, Nov 7, 2022
Audit Programs

AuditNet Premium Content

Use this page to navigate to AuditNet’s premium content, which is available to all KnowledgeLeader subscribers at no add...
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Mon, Sep 5, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Audit Project Checklist

This tool contains several checklists that can be used to assess the extent to which project management standards are be...
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Mon, Jul 11, 2022
Benchmarking Tools

Audit Data Analytics Leading Practices

Organizations can use the leading practices included in this tool to build their internal audit function’s analytics pro...
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Mon, Jul 4, 2022
Audit Programs

Configuration Controls Audit Work Program

In this work program sample, we provide general best-practice steps for the configuration controls audit process.
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Mon, May 23, 2022
Policies & Procedures

IT Contingency Planning Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that information system resources and business processes are protected against s...
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Mon, May 16, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The two self-assessment questionnaire samples in this document can be used to design, adhere to and monitor a company’s ...
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Mon, Feb 21, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Corporate Governance Compliance Questionnaire

The two sample questionnaires in this document focus on what boards and management should do as they work to improve cor...
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Mon, Nov 29, 2021