Audit Reporting

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Policies & Procedures

Financial Statement Preparation Policy

The two sample policies included in this tool outline procedures to ensure content quality when creating financial state...
Mon, Sep 5, 2022
Methodologies & Models

Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Compliance Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

This capability maturity model can be used to measure the maturity of an organization’s compliance with internal control...
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Mon, Sep 5, 2022
Audit Programs

Accounts Payable Audit Work Program

This audit program sample provides best-practice general steps for an accounts payable review audit.
Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Internal Audit Effectiveness Guide

This guide can be used by internal audit to measure and improve the company’s internal controls over financial reporting...
Mon, Jul 25, 2022
Audit Programs

Entity-Level Controls Audit Work Program

This tool includes two sample audit programs that provide steps organizations can take to perform an entity-level contro...
Mon, Jul 25, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Audit Project Checklist

This tool contains several checklists that can be used to assess the extent to which project management standards are be...
Mon, Jul 11, 2022
Benchmarking Tools

Audit Data Analytics Leading Practices

Organizations can use the leading practices included in this tool to build their internal audit function’s analytics pro...
Mon, Jul 4, 2022
Requests for Proposals - RFPs

Request for Proposal: Internal Audit Department Quality Assessment Review

This tool contains two sample requests for proposals (RFPs) that can be used by organizations seeking a professional ser...
Mon, Jun 27, 2022
Benchmarking Tools

Internal Audit Value Scorecards

This tool contains scorecards that provide various guidelines for managing and measuring the performance of an internal ...
Mon, May 16, 2022

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Project Approach Memo

This tool contains two sample memos that serve as a report of an internal audit function’s high-level assessment of the ...
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Mon, Mar 21, 2022
Requests for Proposals - RFPs

Request for Proposal: Establishing an Internal Audit Function

This tool contains two sample requests for proposals (RFPs) that can be used by organizations seeking a qualified servic...
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Mon, Mar 7, 2022
Checklists & Questionnaires

Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The two self-assessment questionnaire samples in this document can be used to design, adhere to and monitor a company’s ...
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Mon, Feb 21, 2022