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In the Classroom

Three Ways to Enhance Your Course...

Keep Your Class Current

  • Discuss the latest Hot Issues published on our homepage.
  • Integrate a recent Article or Podcast into your lecture topic of the day.
  • Require students to submit a one-page summary of an article to introduce them to the topic of your lecture the following day.

The Research Project Resource

Integrate Case Studies

Educational Videos

Students learn best when information is provided in varied formats, and videos are powerful, valuable instructional tools. Integrate these informative videos in your curriculum to help students gain a deeper understanding of some of the fundamentals of audit and risk management.

Why Universities Love KnowledgeLeader


Save time building your curriculum and enrich your course with our professor resources.

The IIA Textbook 4th Edition

Protiviti offers professors and their students the opportunity to use the resources available on KnowledgeLeader to broaden their curriculum and help students further their studies in internal audit, IT audit, and accounting. This section of KnowledgeLeader is designed to support The IIA Textbook, 4th Edition and provide entry-level internal audit and risk management content to students.

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